Ever since Natalie was a child, dogs were on her Christmas and birthday lists but her dreams never came to fruition.

Earlier this year (thanks to Kerste from The Drawing Room sharing a spotty tummied puppy on Facebook) she discovered Sadie's Stray Dog Rescue, a charity that helps to rehome the enormous number of dogs in Romania who are either born on the streets or abandoned by their owners.

Marcie is one of those poor souls, abandoned by someone she thought she would spend her life with. They tied her lead to a plastic crate and left her there with no food or water.

Thankfully, a local girl named Ira found her and rescued her from her street life. It took all of 3 seconds of the rescue video for Natalie to decide that she was meant to be this girl's mama.

Having only had her since August 2020, she has come on in leaps and bounds. She LOVES humans so will always greet you at the salon door with a super waggy tail.

Likes: anything edible, peeled carrots, cuddles, head strokes, talking, chasing squirrels and pigeons, playtime, other dogs' tennis balls.

Dislikes: her own tennis ball, the rain, the dark, shower time, hates being towel-dried even more, not receiving head strokes.

If you'd like to support Sadie's Stray Rescue or are interested in rescuing a dog, click here to head to their website.


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