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The Salon

Calm , yet creative. No judgement vibes allowed.

After several frustrating years of working in salons that were run like factories, where it was impossible for the level of service to become anything other than strictly professional at all times, Natalie had had enough. Watching clients be passed from one stylist to the next created no level of personalised service or reward for the clients.. or for the staff for that matter!


"As a hairstylist, you are up close and personal with the one thing that can make or break our mood - our hair. To deliver the best results on all levels, I like to build a rapport with clients over time. In high street salons, where there is more of a one-in-one-out policy designed solely around making a profit, there isn't time to build that relationship. There can be a lack of love going into their work whereas what I have created has enabled me to adore every element of my working day."

Yearning for a one-to-one level of service, Ruby, the original Rock'n'Roller Parlour caravan, was born. 


Within the first year of operation, it became apparent that Ruby had become somewhat of a sanctuary for those who suffer with social anxieties/dread the idea of having a haircut in a more traditional setting. Since expanding in 2019, whilst the caravan itself had to retire, Natalie has endeavoured to keep the Rock'n'Roller Parlour's ethos in place and ensure a calm, no-judgement environment at all times.


"I feel it's important to emphasise that there is absolutely no judgement in the salon. At the end of the day, we are all who we are and if I can help you to feel more like 'you', then everyone is winning!"

If you'd like to enquire about making a booking, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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